Black Hair and Skin Rebranding

The Project

I worked on the rebranding of Black Hair and Skin’s line of products and packaging as well as promotional materials. I love branding, packaging, and creating campaigns around new products and I had a lot of fun working on this project! 


I guess before any rebranding is done, the first question I always ask is why does this need rebranding and what value would that bring to the company in the first place? I ask myself this because it will force me to have clearly defined objectives by highlighting problems and finding solutions. My goal with Black Hair and Skin’s Rebranding was to make it distinctive enough to be remembered and giving it a little more color so that it doesn’t disappear when put against competitors.     

Project Goals:

The problem that I looked to solve with this project was; to dial up the color palette by elevating the brand from plain colors to a much brighter and louder palette that represents black pride. I wanted the brand to feel more like a summer music festival and less like a cosmetics company. 

Make it feel more professional but without losing the spirit of DIY that this company is founded on. This was important because most competitors seem to have a lot of trouble branding themselves past a rookie DIY phase. 

Highlighting black woman as the primary focus and center of all elements, design and branding. 

Below is the old packaging and branding design:

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 12.09.49 PM.png

The new design made brighter, louder with a new aesthetic:


Close up of the labels:


Close up of the above oil based products:


Promotional Posters


Product Ads


Magic Drop branding