CareWays Health Solutions

The Project

CareWays Health Solutions offers a holistic employee health and wellness service that perfectly balance occupational health with employee wellness. CareWays was looking for a new voice to promote the core message of working with companies and their employees for the greater good. The new message was design to fit in with the new year.

Project Goals

  1. Re-introduce CareWays with a new look to it’s clients and remind them of their commitment to holistic healthcare.

  2. Create clean image-bases designs that emphasize the core message of the campaign.

  3. Inspire engagement and attract new clients for the new year.

My Role

I led the creative concept and designing of all elements, including posters, brochures, and flyers that required finding the right images that would best complement the message. While I wanted to create something new and exciting, it was important to maintain the color red because it’s such a big part of CareWays’ core-branding.

Poster Ads:

Brochure Re-design: