Real Vision Live - The Workshop

The Project

Real Vision Live is an experiential, immersive, and interactive event. Its first live event titled “The Workshop” was created to help with investment strategy, hone in on gut instincts, and elevate creativity in personal investment portfolio. It was designed to be an intimate event with visually impactful graphics, mimicking the aesthetic of Punk Rock. 

Project Goals

  1. Maintain Real Vision’s visual identity reminiscent of the “Golden Age” of punk while creating a unique aesthetic for “The Workshop.”

  2. Make it strong visually without using too much color.

  3. Create a visual that can easily be cascaded through various platforms.

My Role

Working alongside the event planning, content strategy, and the marketing teams, I led the design and printing of all elements of The Workshop. I also worked closely with all speakers to help produce Powerpoint presentations and promotional materials as needed. 

RV-Live The Workshop Hashtag banner:

The Workshop Poster #1

Event Posters:

Posters of all the speakers:

The following images, taken at the event, show how the designs interacted with the people and the venue.